Ryoko Akama – Sonic Sculpture: the aesthetics of Eliane Radigue

‘the rhythm of the breath, pulsation, beating, murmur. . . continuum…(Radigue : LMJ19)’

Radigue talks of the universe, dreams and mysteries. Her exploration of sound, evolving so imperceptibly, provokes unique sonic stories for each listener. It is the sonic experience that I receive from her music, which reveals inevitable quality arising from personal perception and relationship. Her music discerns sonic texture of micro-macro within itself. Having known Radigue since 2002, we are currently working on two solo pieces for my electronic set-up. I would like to call the process ‘sonic sculpture’, constructing a musical environment subtly changing sound waves. The discussion examines Radigue’s lesser-known sonic works and how her aesthetics and approaches to sound have influenced my own way of experiencing sonic phenomena.


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