d’incise “Ilhas”

“Ilhas” is a composition for two or more snare drums, In it functions of artefacts are not classical, a loudspeaker plays tones which “activate” prepared drums. But it is not the technical issue that is to be demonstrated of course. The whole composition and set-up is here to create a fragile and “living” system.
The piece explores, in a reductionist way, tiny variation of vibrations and subtle timbres changes. One might also draw a link with instruments who use the “snare” effect. If it’s a technic that has been use in many occasion to reinforce the loudness of the sound (marching bands, but also hurdy-gurdies), in this piece, it become the “singing voice” of the drum, revealing all the relations between the elements of the sound chain and how they vary because of any small changes (pitch, position, pressure on the skin, etc). The piece develops from an exposition of various frequency relations based on the Indian 22 tones Shruti scale and on a very strictly determined series of durations and sound/silence relation.


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