Beyond Pythagoras Symposium

University of Huddersfield, Centre for Research in New Music, 21-23 March 2014

Thanks to all of our delegates, keynote guests – Mark Fell and Kaffe Matthews, performers Pia Palme, Rhodri Davies, Jonny Alexsson and d’incise, composers Jenny Hettne, Kent Olofsson, d’incise, Ylva Q Arkvik, Eliane Radigue, and Pia Palme for making the symposium such a lively event.

Thanks also to Alex Harker and Braxton Sherouse (Technical Managers), Rose Dodd and Ryoko Akama (Symposium Co-Organisers) and the HISS technical crew for making the symposium run so smoothly and flawlessly.


Rhodri Davies performs Eliane Radigue’s OCCAM I at the opening concert of the symposium. (photo Pia Palme)

1956848_577666005662529_291846666_oJonny Axelsson’s broken woodblock which was analysed and the spectrum of which forms the harmonic foundation for section 3 of Splintered Echoes. 


Paulina Sundin presents the theory of William Sethares at the Beyond Pythagoras Symposium alongside Adrian Gierakowski and Monty Adkins (photos Pia Palme)


Kent Olofsson presents…


Jonny Alexsson performs Kent Olofsson’s Terpsichord


Rob Mackey presents his interactive installations.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 16.27.39

Sol Andersson presents her video work.

(Above photos by Rose Dodd)


Beyond Pythagoras


Centre for Research in New Music| University of Huddersfield

download Symposium Schedule here

Friday 21st March

20.00 Concert 1 

Pia Palme GIB SIE WIEDER: a warning commentary on resonance

Eliane Radigue OCCAM XVIII for contrabass recorder

Eliane Radigue OCCAM I for solo harp

Eliane Radigue – OCCAM RIVER VI (world premiere) for harp and contrabass recorder

Performed by Pia Palme (contrabass recorder) & Rhodri Davies (harp)

Saturday 22nd March

Installations by Mark Fell and Kim Hedås will run throughout the symposium on Saturday and Sunday

09.15 – 09.45 Registration

09.45 – 10.00 Welcome and Introduction

Session 1

10.00 – 10.50 Robert Mackey

11.00 – 11.50 Girial Baars

12.00 – 12.50 Keynote 1: Kaffe Matthews

Session 2

14.30 – 15.20 Sol Anderson

15.30 – 16.20 Richard Glover

16.30 – 17.20 Kim Hedås

20.00 Concert 2

Kent Olofsson Terpsichord for bass cimbalom, percussion and electronics (17’)

Jenny Hettne Ytor, böljande for percussion and electronics (9’)

Kaffe Matthews You might come out of the water every time singing…  (40’)

Performed by Kaffe Matthews

Sunday 23rd  March

Session 3

09.30 – 10.20 Kent Olofsson

10.30 – 11.20 Jonathan Styles

11.30  – 12.20 Paulina Sundin/ Monty Adkins / Adrian Gierakowski/ Jonny Axelsson


Session 4

14.00 – 14.50 Keynote 2: Mark Fell

15.00 – 15.50 Ryoko Akama

16.00 – 16.50 d’incise

17.30  Concert 3

d’incise Ilhas (20’)

Performed by Jonny Axelsson (percussion) with Laurent Peter, Monty Adkins & Paulina Sundin (snares)

Ylva Q Arkvik Gestures for solo percussion (12’)

Paulina Sundin/Monty Adkins/Jonny Axelsson: Splintered Echoes (20’)

Performed by Jonny Axelsson (percussion) | Paulina Sundin & Monty Adkins (electronics) 


Huddersfield Information for Symposium Delegates

University Maps

3D View of University of Huddersfield Campus Map 3D V18 (Symposium is in the Creative Arts Building)

Food Guide

PDFs of Huddersfield information:





The closest hotel to the University is just 3 minutes walk away. Information below:

Premiere Inn Hotel


The call for participation in the symposium is now open. Details of the symposium are below. We want to explore all aspects of our current project including new tuning systems, post-acousmatic and post-digital tendencies in the symposium as well as opening up the theme of the symposium to other imaginative responses which we have not yet explored such as sonic art and sound installation. All creative and stimulating responses to the title of the symposium are welcome.

Beyond Pythagoras Symposium Call

The Symposium will be hosted in the Creative Arts Building at the University of Huddersfield by the Centre for Research in New Music.

Concerts and installations will be supported by the HISS (Huddersfield Immersive Sound System)

The University of Huddersfield press will publish an e-book of the symposium in the Summer of 2014. Following the symposium we want to give contributors time to reflect and expand their presentations. Although the publication will be situated within an academic context we are interested in presenting artist statements, interviews and exploring all the media rich opportunities offered by the e-book medium.


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